What is a “writing coach”?

Venus Williams needed a coach along her journey to becoming the greatest tennis player of all time. Peyton Manning was coached from the time he could hold a football. As talented as the Tennessee Volunteers players were, they would never have won eight NCAA women’s basketball titles without the coaching of Pat Summitt. You have writing talent, drive, ambition, unique ideas. But you can benefit from an objective outside influence who wishes only to invest in your success. You need a writing coach.

Whether you are a well-published, seasoned professional or someone newly arrived at a desire to share your work more broadly, my approach to your writing assumes two things: 1) you, and your project, are entirely unique with personalized needs, and 2) you are seeking ways to maximize your writing potential and fulfill individualized writing and publishing goals. As with any coaching relationship, I believe together we can create a collaborative, solution-focused alliance that can help you recognize and build on your strengths, admit and resolve your project’s needs, and discover the means to finesse technique.

Tailored to your individual needs, my primary services include detailed manuscript critique and line editing. My services work best for writers with an open-minded view of their own work and who recognize the rigorous demands of a highly competitive publishing marketplace.

Why hire a writing coach and editor?

As the publishing world continues to change, it becomes more and more difficult to develop close, collaborative ties with publishing house editors and, at the same time, the competitiveness of the marketplace demands that projects reach literary agents and house editors with a kind of refinement and polish that used to be provided more time to evolve. There’s not a lot of resolve in the industry to take risks, so it is vital that your project enter the process with as much vision and undergo as much detailed scrutiny as possible. Distance on text is difficult for the writer to achieve, no matter the degree of experience, and working closely with a trusted writing coach can make the difference.

Additional Available Services:

  • traditional copy editing
  • ghostwriting
  • assistance with developing query letters and book proposals
  • research/consultation to identify project-specific agents/publishers
  • development of web and promotional content