Just as every project deserves individualized attention, every project is different. My services and rates adjust based on the length, nature, and needs of your manuscript. Please use the fee schedule below as an initial guideline. New clients are encouraged to send either a stand-alone piece or an excerpt of a longer work of 10 – 12 pages (typed, double-spaced, standard 1″ margins in 12 point font) for my review at an introductory rate of $40, payable at time of submission. Once you have received my response and editorial suggestions and wish to retain my services for a longer manuscript, we will agree on a price for the project and establish a timeline. This introductory evaluation will allow me to assess the nature of the work, its needs, its complexity, and its current status, and for you to gain a strong measure of my approach and sensibilities. Send me an email describing your project, and let’s get started.


Hourly Rate: $40 – $50 based on the following hourly work flow*:

  • Critique with editing: 5 – 10 pages/hour; includes 1-hour phone consultation (critique summary, in-text commentary, editing)
  • Copy editing: 8 – 12 pages/hour

*Every project is unique. Project rates and work flow depends on the status and difficulty level of the project.

Consultation: (help with queries, proposals, portfolios, agent/publisher searches): $50/hour

Ghostwriting: 30 cents/word